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Yes, Wall Street greed leveraged and exploited the real estate bubble.  It popped, many lost their shirts, and the Government bailed when the banks should have failed.  Every pumped-in dollar's worth a bit less, and that taxes the widow and her mite.

Also Yes, the bubble didn't magically happen.  It was actively fueled by Freddie, Fannie, and well-meaning left-leaning lawmakers seeking equality and housing for all.

Heads should have rolled, but the BREADTH of culpability across party and campaign finance lines ensured mutual protection, the antithesis of cold war détente.

  BOOM times indeed.

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Today's domain linguistics are chock full of descriptives (furniture.com), constructs (ebay.com), and contatenates (travelocity.com).  Let's concentrate on the third, an occasionally glorious mashup that traffics on idiom or common knowledge to get your meaning across.  Consider the following few and their definitions:

  1. INSTANCERITY: fake it 'till you make it.
  2. MERITRUST: earned loyalty.
  3. FRUGALLANT: it takes guts to live lean and save these days.
  4. BRANDFATHERED: goodwill equity transfer as companies merge.
  5. AUSTACITY: today's self-financed entrepreneurial verve.
  6. CUESCHTICK:  billiard humor.

How many enjoin popular lexicon?  Impossible to tell (for these) but a definite linguistic trend to follow.


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On paper, the perfect retreat: 5 resort days of unbridled solidude to focus, ponder and expound. 

In reality, a rapid spiral to feral subsistence. Code hell. Microwave meals. Sport shorts mocking lethargy as days and nights meld endless twilight.

But hey, it was a lovely drive.

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WORDPLAY Tuesday! 

2 more double-consonant puns for those of you with too much stress 'tween words: "Lay Ministry" (when amateur sermons go bad) and "Finish It" when you amass too many 90+ percent done projects.

"Dragon's Lair" would imply relative dragon-type safety, right?  Unless there's a "Dragonslayer" lurking about. 

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Bookends, I call 'em--the fruit of my youth and my moment of truth. 

With one son in college and me solidy in my 40's, it's been absolutely wild chasing after a toddler again.  They've gotten quite a bit faster, you see.  Why, today's models even anticipate your every parental move and launch pre-emptive countermeasures leaving you both shaken, and stirred.

Fountain of youth.  Well, sorta--I'd like to get that fountain under control before he starts a Montessori program this fall.  Still, still, they both conspire to keep me young at heart, so the challenge remains to gym it up and will this kicking and screaming carcass along the flume ride of childhood.


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Our greatest gift is the inalienable right to discern and act for ourselves.  Full stop.  First generation Americans get it, but what is the equal and opposite force to freedom that keeps it alive for the generations that follow?  See, that's what worries me most about today's political tides or fashion--they exist primarily because they can.  Beyond the PC soupe-du-jour and gamesmanship, where's the common love?

Party affiliation.  What the hell is that, other than delegating personal agency and partial abdication of the very freedoms we espouse? 

Sorry folks--that's simply not the American way where hard work, determination and autonomy rule the dictates of our conscience. The same is true for all other fraternal me-too organizations, but I'm in enough hot water as it is.

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Ever chuckle to yourself when you hear something slightly wrong and realize it's better that way?  Well that's a 180° pun at best, when the resulting meaning is diametricly opposite that intended.  Sometimes, you're off a mere 15° and the proximity to truth makes it even funnier.  Here's a few that come to mind, and we'll add more as they pop up:


  1. Which would you rather volunteer for?  The Peace Corps or Piece Corpse?
  2. Are you a respected member of Affluent, or Effluent society?
  3. Was Thanksgiving dinner awful or offal good?  Me, I skip the giblets.
  4. Of Thee I Sing or Sync? Prayer is like a docked PDA when you're one with God.
  5. Christmas Morning or Mourning:  let's face it, the first few Christmases were somber affairs.
  6. Spurious George: evil twin monkey.


Have any to add yourself?  Love to hear 'em!

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The only hard and fast rule here is to double the fun by doubling consonants.  You get to figure out where and why.

  1. Are Santa's workshop toys made through elf arts?  Smells like Christmas to me!
  2. Tomorrow is a new day, so why bother with laundry?
  3. Is the CBS show "Amazing Race" secular, or religious programming?
  4. Suggested that my father use Preparation H for his inner ear problem.
  5. Told the wife that if we ever raised sheep, I'd name the first black lamb Robert. 
  6. My sister requested help with "this newsletter" for church.

Oh sure, there's more... if there's even a sliver of interest we'll update with new schtick when available.  I'd love to hear yours, likewise.

OK, I capitulate--here's the schtick:  farts, nude, grace, rear {yeowch}, bob bob black sheep, snooze

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Love or hate him for what he's become, you gotta admire John Walsh (of America's Most Wanted) for raising awareness that we're all responsible for the rule of law and have a duty to watch out for each other.  But while the tragic loss of his son Adam catalyzed the man and turned him against lives of crime it also obfuscated his natural path.

Case 2: imagine someone that had been mistreated as a child and later heads up an agency to prevent child abuse--it could happen.  In this case, they are directly opposing an early negative force in equal and opposite fashion, or you could say they have turned 180 degrees around to face their demons head-on.   Here's the kicker, though--that initial negative force still has the same net force in their lives.  The challenge has been faced, but not surmounted.

So here's my challenge to you: find your own path.  That's it--refuse to let your circumstance dictate who or what you may become.  Or if you do (and that's OK) do so with the full knowledge that it's choice and not compulsion.